5 ★ on Facebook, Jun 21, 2017 On Wheels Computer Repair Donna Wexler I'm not computer savvy and whenever I have had a problem Bill and Chris have been very helpful. I will continue to use their company for getting escan every year.

5★ on Facebook, Jun 09, 2017 Ruby Rivers Reed Problems addressed promptly and efficiently and often over the phone.

5★ on BirdEye, Jun 08, 2017 Michelle S. You guys are always thorough professionals.

5★ on Facebook, Jun 08, 2017 Phil Coker As an older US Navy veteran I did not grow up with this technology. Both Bill and Chris were knowledgeable on all hardware and software topics as well as courteous in customer relations.

5★ on Google, Jun 02, 2017 Jimmy Pierce Knowledgeable dependable staff and always on time for what they promised. I always had a great experience with everyone there. They are extremely friendly. I will continue to use them when I need comp

5★ on Facebook, Jun 01, 2017 Kay Flowers Edwards I have used them for several years and it has always been a pleasure dealing with them. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They custom built my desktop. You will not be disappointed!

5★ on Google, May 31, 2017 Fred Oden They were fast, efficient and affordable. Very knowledgeable and eager to satisfy the need or correct the problem. They LISTEN.

5★ on Google, May 31, 2017 Orlanda Powell

5★ on BirdEye, May 31, 2017 Richard t. The agent was quick, knew what to do

5★ on Facebook, May 31, 2017 Lisa Richardson Vincelli Our go to place for keeping our businesses running! Stress free, on time. Use them!

On BirdEye, May 31, 2017 Lee P. I can see now. I still have a small flip phone-great design!

On BirdEye, May 31, 2017 Jerrie C. All good..you have always responded quickly and resolved my problems quickly. i really enjoy working with you..very friendly, I feel like a member of the family. Thank you!

5★ on Facebook, May 25, 2017 Stephen Freeman Always on time. very reliable, 10/10 would recommend!

5★ on Google, May 10, 2017 John Riggle I have never had a problem with Computer on Wheels in fact I highly recommend you guys any time I can.

5★ on BirdEye, May 06, 2017 Annie,Dallas Bill,has always been a blessing to my laptop.He knows his thing and he always makes me laugh. Thanks Bill
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O.W.C.R. Co. Inc. is a computer and network support service provider and computer hardware and software reseller based in Dallas, Texas.

We specialize in installation and maintenance of information technology needs for small to medium sized businesses.

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