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Technology Assessment Profile (TAP)

Are you looking to determine the most streamlined and effective network strategy for your current and future needs? Technology can be confusing, and determining all of your specific needs can be overwhelming. At O.W.C.R. Company, our experts can provide a comprehensive, personalized solution and explain it to you in a manner that's precise, accurate and easy to understand. A TAP gives you a detailed look at where your IT investment dollars are currently being spent, and, perhaps more importantly, where they should be going relative to your business objectives. The TAP also uncovers problems stemming from your current IT infrastructure, both known and unknown to your IT management team. An interview with you and your IT staff can effectively determine your IT needs and architect a long-term solution by reviewing the following areas of your network:

Software and Hardware
Network Security
E-mail Requirements
Remote Access Connectivity
Disaster Recovery
Data Protection
Storage and Backup Requirements
Virus Protection
Network Administration Requirements

Following the interview, one of our experienced staff members will provide you with a recap of the information collected, and notify you of any "hot" issues you may want immediately addressed. Then, a comprehensive written analysis and remediation plan is provided in a follow-up report which includes:

Identifying whether your business is at risk for downtime due to hardware failure or software issues.

Recommending solutions that will enhance the capabilities of your network

Providing you the opportunity to proactively address ineffective security measures or inefficiencies in your network (which can deplete employee resources and be costly for network management).

Ensuring long-term business network support to allow for future growth, O.W.C.R. Co. partners with you to provide personalized network services that help your business grow and function more efficiently.  To find out how you can benefit from a TAP, contact one of our experts today.
















Long-term Network Maintenance Custom Care Program

Proactive network maintenance is the most cost-effective way to avoid disruptions to your business.
Your network affects the way you communicate with your clients, so when it goes down, your business suffers. Eventually, this hinders growth, diminishes employee morale, and erodes the customer base you've worked so hard to establish.

A network maintenance contract and support plan through O.W.C.R. Co. keeps your business running smoothly by ensuring:

--Minimal interruptions to your daily activities
--Speedy recovery from unavoidable issues
--Dedicated engineers to assist you on-site  
--Protection from viruses and unwanted intruders
--Installation of the latest software, firewalls and virus definitions
--Test backup restores of important files
--Stable functionality with regular system status checks
--Rapid replacement of failed hardware

Network problems are costly and disruptive to your daily business activities. A long-term network maintenance contract provides the proactive support you need to sustain a dependable and reliable network.

















Full-time IT Outsourcing Solutions

Is your business seeking a flexible and affordable IT staffing solution? Full-time outsourcing through O.W.C.R. Co. can provide the answer.

Our engineers are personable, easy to work with, and experts in network technology. When you're looking for a full-time IT outsourcing solution these qualities are essential.
Outsourcing your IT services and partnering with O.W.C.R. Company can turn your IT problems into an efficiently managed network solution so you can:

--Smoothly transition as your network is upgraded
--Benefit from the support of a full-time IT outsourcing team
--Maintain your daily business routine without interruption
--Acquire long-term computer network support and preventative maintenance
--Build a continuous relationship focused on your business needs

Our network experts can help reduce your IT workload, to ensure the success of your daily business functions. To learn more about how you can benefit from O.W.C.R.’s IT outsourcing services, contact us today.


















Remote Access Connectivity

Is your business looking for an effective way to access e-mail, files and programs from home or on the road? 

The experts at O.W.C.R. Co. can help effectively set up remote access to your server.
Remote access provides a simple, secure and speedy way for mobile workers to access business networks as if they were directly connected.

Remote access choices include:

Terminal Services - Secure network access to programs, files and e-mail from a remote location

Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Secure access to business files over the Internet

Outlook Web Access (OWA) - Connection to your Exchange Server folders from a Web browser (same as using Outlook 2003 on your desktop)

Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) - Remotely synchronized e-mail messages, calendar and tasks

Network Attached Storage Solutions - Storage Area Network Management



















HP SAN Management & NAS Solutions

What’s the best way to store and manage your valuable business data? At O.W.C.R. Co. we can help you choose the right network storage solutions for your business.
There are two network storage solutions that allow you to access your business data, applications and servers more efficiently: network attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SAN). Which choice is right for you and how can you benefit?

Benefits of HP Storage Area Network Management:

More Efficient Disk Utilization
The greatest benefit from using a SAN is that it centralizes your storage into one network. If you have a vast amount of data this makes it a whole lot easier to manage your stored resources from one location. Installing a SAN also allows you to delegate your centralized storage information across multiple servers. Many times, businesses without a SAN will buy large amounts of disk space stored on expensive servers and eventually fill them up. This certainly isn’t as cost-effective as installing a SAN.

Quick Disaster Recovery Solution
If you have multiple servers running multiple applications and they crash – you have to bounce back quickly or your business could suffer drastically. If you have a SAN, it can manage multiple entities and get them up and running with minimal downtime.

Quicker Backup
Your data needs to be reliably backed up on an ongoing basis. With a SAN your data is backed up more quickly and those backups are easier to manage.
Benefits of HP Network Attached Storage Solutions

Simple Installation
A NAS easily plugs into your current network infrastructure. This means, right from the start you save on installation costs.

Additional Savings
A NAS is a more basic version of a SAN which gives you most of the benefits of a SAN at a much lower price point.

VMware virtualization software within a NAS environment allows multiple applications and servers to exist seamlessly from one location. Also, not only can you access multiple servers from one location, but each of those servers can be transferred to various physical servers.

Still confused about which network storage solution is most effective for your business? The best way to find if your business needs an HP storage area network or HP network attached storage solution is to contact us.